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    A film based Dialogue Series on Race and Faith by Virginia Theological Seminary

    Are you interested in reading, watching, and learning about the history of race and racism in America and the impact it has on our world today – and engaging in meaningful conversation about change? Join this online cohort and explore a rich curriculum focused on Indigenous, Black, Latino and Asian Pacific Americans as their histories intersect with European American history. For each session we will gather online for conversation to help us peel away the layers that have contributed to the challenges and divides of the present day—all while grounded in our call to faith, hope, and love. This Sacred Ground curriculum has been especially designed to help white people engage in conversation about the history of race in America.

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    Jane Herbst - Librarian

    **COVID-19 UPDATE**

    Emergency website for all Covid-19 alerts" to communicate news, online worship services, and other information to keep our EDLI community engaged during this time apart. instagram如何国内使用 



    All Safe Church dates for spring and summer sessions are cancelled until further notice.

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    Bobbing in the Ocean
    Date posted: Tue, May 26th, 2023

    Bobbing in the Ocean

    At one of our recent weekly Mercer team meetings, as we were sharing experiences in balancing work at home with domestic responsibilities, Aissa said "I feel like I'm bobbing in the ocean." What an apt metaphor for those of us for whom the structure in our lives has become unglued. The patterns, the progressions, the processes of our office lives are now experienced from a distance. Things have become unpredictable. We surge towards the shore, get close, and then are swept back out to sea. When can we go back to work? Will work be the same when we do go back? What if we resume a more stable pattern of physical proximity in the fall, there's a new wave, and we are forced to return to quarantine?

    At Mercer this all translates into conversations we are beginning to have about what shape our programs will take as we move through the phases of "reopening." In September will we return to the pattern of evening and weekend courses and programs offered in the Mercer Building? Or will Zoom be our constant companion? Will we operate in a hybrid, with students and teachers meeting periodically in safely distanced spaces supplemented or supported by more flexibly scheduled online classes? Options, options; shifting scenarios: we are presented with new opportunities accompanied by daunting challenges.

    Know this: the Mercer School of Theology will remain in operation through the pandemic crisis. We will continue to offer a full academic program focused on preparing ordinands for the vocational diaconate. We will continue to offer access by interested lay people to courses from our academic program as well as shorter courses offered seasonally and as needed. But for us to continue our mission in a changed context, we need to constantly hear from you. What do you like about us? What could we do better? What's missing? What might make your church life more meaningful in this time of disruption? Email us. Tell us!!

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